A few more pics of the Floating Village of Kampong Phluk

17 Feb

Am a bit behind my girlfriend in posting her pics & blog posts so here are a few more pics of the '24-Dollar-Please-5-Dollar-Extra-To-Support-Local-Fishermen' Floating Village of Kampong Phluk.
Until I actually got there I was fine with having to pay a (relatively) large sum of money to the official tourism authority to enter a 'traditional' village. As Dolly Parton once said, “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap”.
As backpackers, our nirvana is to find the new 'Beach'; an untouched virgin site of natural beauty or anthropological curiosity that hasn't yet been spoiled by the dreaded 'tourists' (backpackers are a distinct species from tourists – whereas tourists ruin everything, backpackers provide a kind of spiritual nourishment to the locals).
The Kampong Phluk floating village is a solution to this contradiction. The tour is both extremely expensive and extremely poor. At the same time flooded with tourists, it seems highly doubtful the villagers will change from their traditional hand-to-mouth existence.
And rightly so.
If not they might loose their authenticity and by direct consequence the raison-d'etre of our trip to their village. They must remain poor so we can take pictures of them. Taking pictures of middle class Cambodians is much less interesting.




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