A risk perhaps, but a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity

29 Dec

When we were planning this trip we encountered many different reactions – some were positive along the lines of ‘wish I could do that’ but others were more cautious citing the economic situation we are in (in Europe at least). Putting our careers on hold and spending a lot of money during a still uncertain economy inevitably come with some risks.

But, then we talked with some friends with children. Four parents in, we realised that the risk-scenario had to be turned on its head. The thing is, the message they had was not ‘how dare you skip off and simply enjoy yourselves for a year’. It was, ‘hurry up, before the whole thing falls apart’. Their comments invariably ended with “I wish we had done that” or “We thought about doing that, but…”

This is the kind of opportunity we would look back at and very much regret not taking when we’re caught up in other responsibilities in 5-10 years.

It’s still just us. We still get to do what we want.

So, what can we cover in a year? Still not sure, but here’s a minute’s worth of what you may see in six weeks if you work for a travel agency:

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