Seeing (part of the world) in 2013

1 Nov

Exciting, it’s a blog! We have a bright and shiny new blog to keep everyone updated on our travels in 2013. For now, you can go on and read about our preparations. HOWEVER! Come January, we are no longer limited to sharing lists of what to do before you leave one country for another before you go traveling, vaccination lists, packing lists, and all other dull lists we are currently making. In the blog in marvelous January you will be able to check where we are (see top right and roadmap), read what we’re up to and see photo galleries of us with mojitos on exotic beaches.

The title of this blog comes from a discussion we have had twice. It first surfaced three years ago and it came up again when we started discussing the trip. Him, obviously not having listened the first time: ‘What if we go camping for a while to cut costs?’ Me, reasonably: ‘I don’t do camping’. Him: ‘Fine, but we’re going to Mongolia then.’

Fact. End of discussion. I’m not going camping, and he gets Mongolia on our list of things to do.

So, we are actually doing this

It took a while to make the decision. Over the past year, the phrase ‘we are actually doing this’ has been through stages of insecure question marks, less than fully committed full stops to its current and final stage of enthusiastic exclamation marks.

While the world may be shrinking, Asia is still a pretty big place when you start planning a trip. With seemingly limitless options and not yet the best overview of what’s out there, our plan is therefore to not plan out the next 12 months now.

In January 2013, our plan is to board a plane with a one-way ticket to Bangkok. Our planning currently fits on a small piece of paper (that’s how much space you need to list 11 countries, sketch up the rainy seasons, and add a few back-up countries), but we’ve crossed the major thing off the list:

Deciding to go!

Thoughts? Fingers crossed and wish us luck!!


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