Beach bums on Phu Quoc

9 Mar

We missed the beach. Phu Quoc, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, is rumoured to have Vietnam´s nicest beaches. Obviously, we had to go.

From Can Tho, the island is three hours in a bus and two hours on a ferry away. To hold on to the rumour of paradise, keep your eyes closed as you get off the ferry. Keep them closed until you have passed the collection of trash lining the first few beaches. Better yet, continue to keep them closed until the taxi has taken you to Long Beach.

Because Long Beach is one of the lovely places in this world where you go to become stupider. The kind of place where you forget what day it is. You simply sit on this long stretch of golden sand and just let nice things happen to you. Required brain activity is limited to spotting a free sun bed to lie down on, choosing between mango or pineapple when your favourite fruit vendor passes by, and trying to make up your mind about whether the frozen mango cocktail is better than the mojito.


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