Best day so far!

29 Jan

What a day! Have you seen 'The Beach'? Today I saw it!

Phi Phi is in reality two islands – Phi Phi Don Island and Phi Phi Lay Island. The former is inhabited, while the latter is a nature reserve. As soon as you set foot on Phi Phi Don Island, you're met by longtail boat-drivers and tour agencies offering to take you on round-trips of the islands or directly to the destination of your choice. Today we went for a full-day trip of the two islands, which proved excellent value for money and the most fun we have had so far in Thailand.

The larger boat we had chosen turned out to come with an additional benefit to the toilet. Too large to go to shore, we were simply asked to jump into the water whenever we were to visit a new white sandy beach. BRILLIANT! Whereas the agencies using longtail-boats or speedboats seemed to keep their people well within the boats most of the time, we got to swim and go snorkeling at four different places – including Maya Beach, where they filmed 'The Beach'. (People not too keen on swimming were given kayaks.)

While Maya Beach is supposedly the highlight, mine was rather a small moment of snorkeling outside Monkey Beach (the name is literal – the beach of monkeys!). Suddenly, while underwater, I felt two hands on the palms of my feet. My boyfriend had spotted a large group of small yellow and blue fish just ahead. And that was when I realised what he was about to do. With a small helpful push, he steered me straight into what seemed like an endless amount of tropical fish. HOLY MOLY, I love this place!!

Thankfully, for the ones of you finding these updates a bit over the top when it comes to sunshine and how lovely this place is, I also have some other juicy news saved up:

  • Our new unisex perfume at night is DEET 50%.
  • Also, it can be quite irksome if sunblock gets into our eyes.
Phi Phi in a minute and more fish than you can shake a stick at:


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