Postcard from Phi Phi

29 Jan

'If I came back here, this is where I would be staying'. A group of four had stopped just in front of our deck chairs in the sand. One of them was pointing to a number of small bungalows on stilts, each overlooking Ton Sai Bay. We grinned at each other as the group continued their walk along the rocky beach front, most likely on their way to the coral beach around the corner.

'Oh, this is nice' has been on repeat since we came to Phi Phi three days ago. The place delivers what the postcards promise. Perfect tropical days with unstoppable bright sun. Limestone cliffs shooting straight down into the turquoise ocean. Stunning white beaches lined by jungle and palm trees, water so clear you may simply stick your head below the surface to spot ten-folds of brightly coloured fish, and suitably starry nights. You get the idea, the whole shebang.

But, Phi Phi is also a major party place, and that's the reason the group stopped just next to where we were sitting. Phi Phi Sunset Resort, where we have been staying, is situated towards the edge of Ton Sai Bay.

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Though not completely shielded from the blasting Opa Gangam style at two in the morning, the distance and the nearby jungle cooperate well in blocking off most of the sound.

The cherry on the icing though, is the free longtail-boat trips. Only reachable by longtail-boat, the hotel offers free ferrying services until 10pm. The first time we came back at night-time we both gasped when Thai, the driver, shut off the engine. The longtail boat glided into shore to the sounds of chirping crickets, monkeys and waves breaking on the rocks.


I suppose we have to leave Phi Phi sooner or later. Maybe later.


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