16 May

Pushkar is one of India's most sacred places. Legend goes, Lord Brahma – the creator – dropped a lotus flower to earth and Pushkar was among the three lakes that magically appeared. It is today a small town set around a small pond-size lake. The city itself is made up of 500 temples, big and small, and with guesthouses and gift shops to match. When we said diplomatically that it was a bit touristy, our driver Balu raised his eyebrows at us: “This is just tourists!”.

I should have taken the advice of my Icelandic friend who said Pushkar was a nice place to stretch one’s legs between Udaipur and Jaipur. Anyways, we spent enough time here to visit the Brahma temple and see the sunset over the lake. But, then I insisted we hurry on to Jaipur so I did not have to spend my birthday in Pushkar.


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One Response to “Puh…Pushkar”

  1. nicole magnien 16. May, 2013 at 16:34 #

    Coucou Kari , je te souhaite un bel et heureux anniversaire dans un si beau pays
    Les sensations sont fortes, et assister à un mariage c’est le “top”
    Vous faites un voyage loin des ” sentiers battus ” bravo
    Gros bisous à vous 2
    Nous pensons bien fort à vous deux
    Nous avons hâte d’en parler avec vous mais il faudra attendre encore beaucoup
    bisous bisous bisous

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