Seoul’s Fish Market

26 Sep

Noryangjin Fish Market puts even most large-scale aquariums to shame. Octopus is the market's unrivalled king; from tubs with squirmy baby octopus to stands offering more than a metre long octopus tentacles. There's the expected abundance of fish, prawns, oysters and clams, but also the more odd delicacies, like sea pineapple, sea squirts, sea cucumber, live abalone, sea acorn, sea snail and lots of other slimy things I'd never seen or heard of before – let alone expect to be eating half an hour later.

Koreans tend to drink beer with their sea pineapple. I'd recommend lots and lots of Makgeolli instead, the national 'farmers alcohol'. So toss back most of it with the orange, wriggly dish in the middle in the first photo below which is indeed the infamous sea pineapple. But, be sure to throw in some shots as well when you work your way through the exotic sashimi varieties known as frozen (!) and chewiest ever (apparently Koreans love the chewiest white fish around). Worst meal so far on our trip, but undoubtedly one of the most entertaining!


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