The beauty of doing nothing on Ko Lanta

11 Feb

'You know what tomorrow is?' my boyfriend asked rhetorically this morning. 'That's the end of our vacation. No more sitting on a beach, doing nothing, eating ourselves silly.' After 25 days, we will now be leaving Thailand tomorrow for Cambodia.

So. Our vacation is done. When we left for Asia we agreed that we would set aside the first leg of this trip to doing nothing at all. To make the most out of doing nothing, we spent this last week on two of the 11 beaches of relaxed Ko Lanta: Long Beach and Kantiang Bay.

Long Beach


Long Beach is simply that; a four kilometre long stretch of sand. Compared with our previous stop, Phi Phi, the sand is coarser and the beach more down-market, flanked as it is by mini markets, huts and small restaurants in between pine trees. But what Long Beach lacks in picture-perfect, it makes up for in water so calm it resembles a massive salty swimming pool as well as stunning sunsets.

(If you come here, consider staying at the family run Lanta Pearl Resort. Kantiang Bay has a nicer beach, but we ended up coming back to Long Beach for a few days at the end of our Ko Lanta-stay simply because of the friendly atmosphere of this place.)

Kantiang Bay

The further south you go on Ko Lanta, the more secluded the beaches become. Kantiang Bay is one of these. This much shorter beach – 1 km – is nestled into rainforest and is one of the quietest bays of the island. It was once voted among the 10 top tropical beaches in the world by the Sunday Times.

If you come here, make sure to have a drink at Topview Resort during sunset:

Nicest place we have ever played scrabble.

And, if you happen to be in Kantiang Bay – make sure you try the food in the restaurant to my left! Read more about the place!


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