Visiting the Mekong Delta from Can Tho

4 Mar

One of the highlights of southern Vietnam is visiting the Mekong Delta. But after our tour de farce of the Cu Chi Tunnels, we were not eager to go on yet another 30-people excursion. And whatever inclination we might have had to let someone organise everything for us disappeared completely when we met the two Dutch girls we keep bumping into. Their tour to the Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City had resembled a floating circus of tourists and touts.

Fortunately, our luxury is time. We could easily spare the three hours it takes to bus down to Can Tho, the largest city on the Mekong Delta. And to be honest, I found it just as fortunate that the city is just out of reach for most of the organised trips.

Can Tho

Though its population is 1.5 million, Can Tho comes across as a sleepy city. There is not much to see except a nice waterfront. But then again, few people come here to stay on land.


Can Tho is said to be one of the friendliest places in Vietnam. Perhaps because the locals were keen to keep up their stellar guidebook reputation or simply because tourists were few and far between, Can Tho was a pleasant place.

Besides a few women in front of the harbour (“Wannaboat? Wannaboat? Want a boooat?!?”), the place was hussler-free. Parents even made their children wave at us and greet us with the standard for children in South East Asia, “HEEELLLOOOOOOO”.

And people struck up conversations, which led us to join a local yoga class for free.


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