Seeing (part of the) world in 2013


I’m Kari, a Norwegian tourist and blogger. Welcome to my shiny travel blog! Together with my English fiancé, I have set aside 2013 to explore Asia.

On this blog I am set free to write entirely for fun about our travels. Hopefully the stories can entertain and keep everyone at home updated while you are waiting for those promised postcards!

So, sit back, put your feet up and take time to read our stories and follow us on our travel adventures!

Now, what do we have?

Map our travels

I will add places to the map as we travel. Right now, we plan and dream to visit Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.
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Some thoughts

Everything you need to know about how we managed to pull free and go traveling. This is also the bit where I get around to reflect on our journey a few months in, and tell you why a small backpack is a better backpack.


We set aside the first leg of our journey to do nothing at all – so here are all the blog posts about the beaches of Thailand and the story of how we kept delaying our departure from gorgeous Phi Phi.
Read about Thailand


And onto Cambodia, where we climb the temples of Angkor Wat, visit a tuk tuk driver’s home and overall have two of the most interesting weeks of our journey.
Read about Cambodia


In Vietnam, we travel from south to north and everything we do seem water related. We float on the Mekong Delta, test mango cocktails on the beaches of Phu Quoc and cruise Halong Bay in an old wooden junk. Oh, and some women pee on me.
Read about Vietnam


Laos is the place where we end up ploughing a rice field with Susan the water buffalo, visit a Hmong village and learn monk jokes in Luang Prabang.
Read about Laos

Thailand again

Back in Thailand, we chat with monks about Facebook, eat ourselves silly again on fantastic food, and participate in the world’s largest water fight in Chiang Mai.
Read more about Thailand


The sights and smells. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was fascinating, beautiful, repulsive, noisy. All at once. And definitely one of the highlights of this journey.
Read about India 


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